Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a Day!

Yesterday was just one of those days where almost nothing wanted to go right. We had some plans to take Addie up for her first mountain escapade. When I was packing the car with all of our goodies, I noticed that one of my tires was going flat. I went inside to grab Tom to take a look at it. Addie came outside with us and was walking around on the concrete. She ended up tripping over her feet and feel flat on her face...fotunetly that only resulted in a split lip a little bit of blood. Turns out I had a nail in my tire, so the moutain trip was out :-( We ended up leaving Addie home with Grandma and went tire shopping....I am now super exicted to get my Michelans! It is going to be such a smooth ride, heres hoping the other tire hold out till they come in :-)

Tom ended up going to Kenosha Pass with Eric last night so they could bike today, so Addie and I went to spend the night at Uncle Geoff's and Uncle Jim's. We had Papa John's pizza, watched the Sex and the City Movie (sans Addie), and Hula Hooped!!!! Addie wasn't so sure how she felt about Hula Hooping, but maybe that is because Uncle Jim and Uncle Geoff "skills" leave something to be desired!!! Pictures to come when I am at my computer and can load them up!

Last but not least...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Addie Update

Addie is FINALLY recuperating!!! After running a temperature of over 102 for three days, she went to the doctor on Friday. Because Addie just got over pneumonia and bronchitis (she had them at the same time) a few months ago, the doctors office wanted to keep a close eye on her. She has a small ear infection and a viral infection, but last night her fever finally broke and she currently isn't running a fever and seems to be in a bit better spirits. We are hoping that she will actually be able to go back to school tomorrow so Grandpa doesn't have to stay home with her.

Talk to everyone soon!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Addie Antics

Today, Addison was dressed in her fall duds and we decided to put her snow cap on because I want her to get used to it...she loved it! Here are a few pics.

P.S. She still doesn't suck a pacifier, but she thinks it is a fantastic toy (she has one in her toy box)!

Addie Playing Guitar Hero :-)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Halloween in September

Ms. Addie got her Halloween costume today. I figured that since there was a small chance that she may grow out of it (since she is growing like a weed) that we should probably let her stomp around in it for a little while and get some pictures!

Notice how I forgot to clip the hanger off before I took this picture ;-)


The front. The stomach is padded.

The back is padded too

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Ongoing Pet Peeves List work was so busy today that I spent half the day going back and forth with my "cube-mate" about our pet peeves. So....I thought this may be a good opportunity to start a list of things that just get under my skin. If you fall under one of the following items, I am sorry...I can't help it and try not to be offended.

1. Men who wear white socks w/ black shoes
2. People who stop their cars on the crosswalk at a red are just asking for my purse to be dragged across your hood
3. Wearing sandles with "ungroomed" toe nails
4. Dark roots...the reason I never dye my hair
5. Men who wear their pants past their know who you are
6. People who can't put their cell phones down
7. Wearing socks with sandles
8. People who say "Hey, how are you?" and don't even listen to your answer
9. Being interrupted
10. Liars
11. People who go outside in their PJ's.
12. People who talk so loud on their cell phones that you feel like you are part of their conversation

Monday, September 1, 2008

Addie Update

Ms. Addie went for her 15 month appointment on Friday and OH boy is my little getting big...and giving me plenty of "Addietude" as I like to call it.

For her height and weight she is in the 50th percentile. The surprising thing is that she is in the 90th percentile for her height! I wondered why she was reaching everything so easily now a days :-)

I can't believe how quickly she is changing. We have to be very cautious about what we say because she is in full-on mimic mode. I told her the other day "Not for Addie, that is Kasie's book" and she said Kasie. What is even more suprising is that she is using words in the right context. Uh Oh and Hi have become a few of her favorites. She can say Thank you now, but is being VERY stubborn with please...this kid is definetly not my!

She can go up and down the stairs all by herself, runs and can spin when you tell her to. Although mostly everything is great, she is picking up some bad habits that we are trying to break...hitting and pinching (my favorite). She definetly knows how to push your buttons

She is VERY VERY smart...probably too smart (she will be sneaking out of the house in no time)

More updates to come!

Democratic National Convention

Oh boy, what a week it was :-) Working downtown, I had the unique experience of participating in EVERYDAY of DNC 2008. It wasn't nearly as crowded as I thought it was going to be, but I saw plenty of exciting stuff. NO CELEBRITIES...just their blacked out vehicles and the HUMONGOUS crowds that gathered outside restaurants where they were eatting (you should have seen the crowd for J LO and Oprah eating at Earl's).

Everyday I went out on break and lunches to walk around and check out the sites. The thing that I was most suprised by was the amount of security there was. Secret service, FBI, CIA, police, and Swat team were EVERYWHERE. Military helicopters were constantly buzzing the buildings. It was great!
Although I didn't see anyone important, I was truly excited to be part of such a monumental week in history...we could be on the road to our first African-American president and a much needed change. GO OBAMA!!!

Protestors--you can probably get the jist of what they are protesting from the signs

Swat Team Members