Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a Day!

Yesterday was just one of those days where almost nothing wanted to go right. We had some plans to take Addie up for her first mountain escapade. When I was packing the car with all of our goodies, I noticed that one of my tires was going flat. I went inside to grab Tom to take a look at it. Addie came outside with us and was walking around on the concrete. She ended up tripping over her feet and feel flat on her face...fotunetly that only resulted in a split lip a little bit of blood. Turns out I had a nail in my tire, so the moutain trip was out :-( We ended up leaving Addie home with Grandma and went tire shopping....I am now super exicted to get my Michelans! It is going to be such a smooth ride, heres hoping the other tire hold out till they come in :-)

Tom ended up going to Kenosha Pass with Eric last night so they could bike today, so Addie and I went to spend the night at Uncle Geoff's and Uncle Jim's. We had Papa John's pizza, watched the Sex and the City Movie (sans Addie), and Hula Hooped!!!! Addie wasn't so sure how she felt about Hula Hooping, but maybe that is because Uncle Jim and Uncle Geoff "skills" leave something to be desired!!! Pictures to come when I am at my computer and can load them up!

Last but not least...


Keely said...

Thanks Wolford's from Grace. She can't wait to see Addie next week.

Laura said...

how was the sex and the city movie? i need to make it through all the seasons before i see it, i think. (of course, i will start SATC after friends is over...we're on season 7!!!) :-)